Safe treatments. Supportive team.

Spa-like by design

Our beautiful facilities are designed to help you through every step of ketamine therapy with ease and comfort.

Licensed dream team

Licensed clinicians oversee your physical & emotional safety – and trained support staff assist with therapeutic integration.

Incredible treatment experiences

Our research-informed process offers real-life mental health support before, during, and after treatment.

Insurance-covered psychedelics

Spravato® is safer to administer than IV, with increased positive outcomes (and no draining out-of-pocket costs!)


Research says: Your neurons love it when you’re comfy.

Experts compare ketamine therapy to what happens when a baby is born: they’re surrounded by warmth, safety, and their mother, all signaling, “You can feel good about life!” Because their mind is in a neuroplastic state, their environment has a huge impact.

At Marpa, we create a relaxing and cozy experience that tells your sensitive mind, “You have permission to feel joy!”

Unfortunately, not every ketamine clinic helps you through this invigorating — yet fragile — experience. We offer support in the form of environment, therapists, and a research-informed treatment process.

Heal in safety and support.

Speak to someone today!

Details matter.

  • Zero-gravity chairs
  • Personalized sound experiences
  • Noise-cancellation headphones
  • Blankets and pillows
  • Customizable lighting
  • Touchless vital monitoring
Traditional Treatments vs. Ketamine Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

How is Marpa
different than...

Not all ketamine clinic are alike. Marpa Minds provides the most possible support — so you can get the best possible outcomes.

Marpa Ketamine
IV clinics
Other Spravato® clinics Ketamine Telehealth options
FDA-approved for depression
Beautiful, spa-like
clinical setting
Administered by
experienced clinician
Licensed aftercare
Free and


We believe in...

Safety first.

Other clinics administer off-label ketamine solutions. At Marpa, we stay strictly with FDA-recommended treatments. Effective, safe, uplifting.

Setting as cure.

The setting — the place you actually receive treatments — is part of your healing process. It’s why our clinics are designed to be beautiful!

Talking to your team.

If you already have an existing mental health team, we want to ensure they’re in the loop — so you can receive the best possible care, all around.

Accessibility for all.

If the cure involves high costs and paperwork, it’s not a cure. We only offer insurance-covered treatment — and we take care of the paperwork.


What should you expect?

Getting to know you.

When you step in for your first appointment, you’ll be guided to a private check-in room, where your clinician will review your history, needs, and goals, and walk you through the treatment process.

Starting your session.

Your session room is quiet and relaxing. Low music? Lights? We’ll customize the experience so it’s all to your liking. You’ll get comfy in a zero-gravity chair — and your clinician will guide you to spray the treatment in each nostril.

How does it feel?

Spravato® is designed to begin gently and gradually. Your clinician will monitor your vitals. You’re in a deeply relaxed state, led by customized sound to guide the experience, but you can still buzz for support at any time!

Ending your session.

At around 1 hour of treatment, you can expect the immediate effects of Spravato® to gently fade away. A snack, some water, and some light may help you reorient yourself again.

Aftercare support.

Now, your mind will make sense of your new experience. You can chat with our integration therapist, record in your journal, and reorient yourself in our private post-treatment lounge. At the 2-hour mark, you’ll be ready to leave!

How does it feel?

Within 24 hours of your first session, you will likely experience an immediate lift in mood! While every client is truly different, most report a decline in depression symptoms after 3-4 sessions. Learn more in our FAQ.


Uplifting relief. Retreat-like environment.

FDA-approved gentle ketamine treatment

Immediately effective in 91% of patients with SI

Insurance & paperwork 100% managed for you!

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