Amy Della Rocca

Senior PMHNP

Meet Amy Della Rocca, a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who has delved into the realm of psychedelic medicine. Amy’s credentials hail from Columbia University and her previous work experience is in Behavioral Health, Public health and Primary Care Medicine.

Amy’s unwavering belief in the potential of ketamine treatment for mental well-being stems from hands-on experience with her patients. Witnessing its positive impact and lasting changes drove her to specialize in this unique field.

What sets Amy apart is her holistic approach. She considers medical, emotional, and psychological aspects, earning respect for her practical solutions.

Operating from Marpa, Amy evaluates patients for Spravato compatibility. She provides comprehensive on-site care during their Spravato treatment journey. Amy supports patients from evaluation to treatment completion and collaborates with their existing mental and physical health care team.

Amy’s contribution goes beyond caregiving; she actively advances psychedelic medicine. Her expertise and dedication have garnered trust among colleagues and patients alike.