You know your patient. We know Spravato.

Marpa works with a patient's existing medical team to ensure the best possible outcomes. If you believe Spravato® esketamine treatment may help your patient's treatment -resistant depression, we're here to help.

Covered by Insurance

Managed Paperwork

Approved for Depression

It takes a village
to heal a person.

At Marpa, we look at ourselves as just one part of a patient’s journey. Ketamine treatments can give your clients a better chance at success. Here’s how Marpa Minds works with you:

Safety first

No bad trips: We only offer FDA-recommended treatments like Spravato® and take thorough patient histories to ensure total compatibility.

Timely updates

We’ll keep you in the loop — expect updates from us so patients can receive seamless care. We love hearing from you, too — reach out at any time!

Team-oriented approach

If you’re looking for a collaborative solution and you’d like to be part of your client’s ketamine treatment, we invite you to join us for aftercare treatment or remote support.

A treatment partner that helps clients overcome insurance process hurdles.

Getting insurance to cover Spravato can be a big hassle, and clients with depression especially have a hard time with it. Marpa takes care of patients from start to finish. When patients are receptive to ketamine treatment, they’re more open to the therapeutic process and we’ve been able to accomplish so much more together. The Marpa team has been a wonderful treatment partner.

John L.

Behavioral Therapist, New York


Have a question for our clinical team?

We love to hear from providers and answer any questions they may have about our treatment process and centers. Please email us at providers@marpaminds.com.

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How is Marpa different than..

Not all ketamine clinic are alike. Marpa Minds provides the most possible support - so patients can get the best possible outcomes.

Marpa Ketamine
IV clinics
Other Spravato® clinics Ketamine Telehealth options
for depression
We communicate
with existing providers
Insurance is 100%
managed for clients
Free and accessible Sometimes


Your client's success is your success.

FDA-approved gentle ketamine treatment

Immediately effective in 91% of patients with SI

Insurance & paperwork 100% managed for you!

Have a question? Read our Provider FAQs

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