Treatment-resistant depression? Spravato treats that.

The Spray

You’ve tried medication and therapy to help with your depression. But none of them have lifted your mood.

Meet ketamine therapy. But not just any ketamine therapy — this is Spravato®, an FDA-approved nasal spray research-proven to be more effective than traditional antidepressants at banishing depression that’s tough to treat.

The Space

It’s the space you’re in that sets your mood. When you take ketamine, your mind makes new neural connections, putting you in a super sensitive state of mind!

That’s why at Marpa, we’ve designed a beautiful, safe space to help you process Spravato properly. We’ll administer treatment and support you through it – so you feel uplifted throughout!

The Staff

The licensed clinicians and therapeutic support staff at Marpa will oversee your physical & emotional wellbeing throughout your visit!

Accepted Insurance Plans

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How It Works

Each session, you’ll get Spravato in a safe, welcoming environment with our incredible care team.

What to Expect During Spravato Treatment

Spravato is an insurance-covered nasal spray that treats depression

You’ll sit in our beautiful, private clinic for each Spravato session

Our therapy team will support you throughout the experience

You may feel the uplifting effects of Spravato in as little as 24 hours!

With Marpa, 91% of
clients feel a lift in mood
— safely.

I felt like I was drowning. Marpaminds helped me find myself again.

  • Tried Duloxetine, Citalopram and Sertraline
  • Maintenance Marpa visits once a month
  • Sees therapist once a week

S. F.

Real Estate Attorney, Age 34

After the better part of a decade, I can finally feel again. It was Spravato!!

  • Tried Duloxetine & Bupropion SR
  • 11 Marpa clinic sessions total
  • In remission from MDD for 6 months

Rhonda T.

Elementary School Teacher, Age 49

I would not be exaggerating to say that Marpaminds saved my life. Thank you.

  • Tried Fluoxetine, Olanzapine, and ECT
  • Maintenance Marpa visits every six weeks
  • In remission from MDD for 6 months

Michael G.

Engineer, Age 46

Esketamine has significantly decreased my anxiety symptoms.

  • Tried Sertraline, Lamotrigine, Desvenlafaxine, and rTMS
  • 20 Marpaminds session total
  • In remission from MDD for 1 year

G. M.

Student, Age 22

I felt like I was drowning. Marpaminds helped me find myself again.

  • Tried Duloxetine, Citalopram and Sertraline
  • Maintenance Marpa visits once a month
  • Sees therapist once a week

S. F.

Real Estate Attorney, Age 34


The Marpa Experience

esketamine nasal spray for anxiety

Spa-like mental health setting

Because your experience and environment are all part of the healing process.

Thoughtfully designed treatment experience

Our methods of care are designed with cutting-edge psychology — and a dose of comfort!

Licensed & trained team to guide you throughout

We’ll provide ongoing support & education throughout your session and beyond.


Change your mind. It's possible.

FDA-approved gentle ketamine treatment

Immediately effective in 91% of patients with SI

Insurance & paperwork 100% managed for you!

Questions about getting started?

How is the Marpa Minds experience different from other ketamine clinics?

From the moment you walk in to any one of our spaces, you’ll be enveloped in a deeply private, spa-like atmosphere. You deserve the utmost confidentiality and calm, and we endeavor to keep the experience as low-noise as possible. We ask that all clients refrain from talking on cell phones while at Marpa.

How much does Marpa Minds ketamine treatment cost?

Marpa Minds therapy is covered by insurance. We only offer treatments that most insurances cover so that we can offer mental health services that are accessible to all.

How long do treatment sessions take?

Your complete session will take around 2 hours. After Spravato® is administered, your clinician will lead you through some gentle breathwork and then monitor you from outside. After an hour and a half, the effects of the esketamine will fade, and you’ll be guided to our private, comfy post-treatment lounge, where you can relax, unwind, journal, or have gentle conversations with support clinicians.

How long will it take before I start to feel results?

Most patients feel an immediate lift within 24 hours of taking Spravato®. Patients typically see improvements in their depression symptoms within 4 weeks of treatments.

What would make me ineligible for ketamine therapy?

To be an eligible candidate for Spravato®, you will need a depression diagnosis, and to have tried at least 2 antidepressants during your current course of depression.

You may not be a candidate for Spravato® if you have a history of aneurysms, heart or blood problems, or any hallucinatory disorders.

At Marpa Minds, we will always take a complete patient history before administering ketamine, so we’ll advise on whether you are compatible to ensure your physical safety!

For how long will I be on Spravato?

Many patients who find Spravato successful opt to use it continuously following the initial treatment phase. For the first four weeks, patients visit twice a week to self-administer their prescribed dosage and remain under observation for two hours.

In the subsequent four weeks, most patients switch to a once-weekly administration of Spravato. After that, the treatment can continue as needed.

Treatment approaches vary among patients. Some prefer to continue taking Spravato once a week, while others prefer once every two weeks. Some only receive maintenance doses when they notice a resurgence of depression symptoms. The goal is for you to take Spravato as infrequently as possible while maintaining remission from depressive symptoms!

How do I set up an appointment?

Reach out here or call us at 1877-88-MARPA. We look forward to getting to know you!

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Find VA depression treatment here.

From the Army to the Marines, the mental health of struggling veterans is all too often overlooked. Marpa Minds is partnered with the VA Health Clinics and are an approved Community Care provider for Spravato Treatments. If you’re eligible for VA services for depression, we’re here to help you fight the battle within – all covered by Tricare VA Coverage.

Spravato® Ketamine Therapy for Depression in Westchester, NY

Innovative Therapy

Spravato® Ketamine Therapy for Depression in Westchester, NY

At Marpa Minds, located in the heart of Westchester, NY, we are proud to lead the advancement in mental health care with our pioneering Spravato® ketamine treatment for depression. This innovative therapy, which stands as a beacon of hope for many who have found little relief in traditional antidepressants, is central to our mission of transforming lives through cutting-edge mental health interventions.

Our commitment to this groundbreaking approach is rooted in a deep understanding of its scientific underpinnings and the significant clinical evidence supporting its efficacy and safety. As one of the only in FDA-approved Spravato ketamine treatment for depression in Westchester, NY, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of clinical excellence and patient care. Our treatment is meticulously designed to ensure rapid relief from depressive symptoms, offering a new path to those who have struggled to find solace in conventional methods.

Heal in safety and support

Speak to someone today!

Begin Your Spravato® Treatment

Studies show Spravato® can be effective in just 24 hours.


In adopting Spravato® ketamine therapy, Marpa Minds is not merely introducing a new treatment option; we are redefining the landscape of psychiatric care. Our approach is patient-centered, evidence-based, and fully integrated with the latest advancements in mental health science. We understand the critical importance of providing a safe, supportive, and therapeutic environment for our patients as they embark on their journey towards healing.

As leaders in the field of mental health, we at Marpa Minds invite you to experience the transformative potential of ketamine therapy for depression in Westchester, NY. Our dedicated team of professionals is here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring that you receive personalized care tailored to your unique needs. Together, we can unlock the door to a brighter future, where the burden of depression is lifted, and wellness is within reach. Join us at Marpa Minds in Westchester, NY, and take the first step on your path to mental health recovery.

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